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South Korea is often equated in many people's mind with Japan - it's little sister, perhaps - but don't ever tell a Korean that!  Fiercely proud of their heritage and still with a faint resentment against their former occupiers, Koreans are keen to highlight the unique aspects of their culture that they do not share with Japan and are quick to trumpet their successes, such as world leading-industries in shipbuilding and electronics (LG and Samsung to name a couple).  It's a beautiful land with truly genuinely helpful and friendly people - slightly more rowdy than the meek and quiet Japanese, but also more outgoing and expressive (and fun)!



Korean BBQ!Education is highly prized in Korean culture (as it is throughout North Eastern Asia), and so native English teachers in Korea can command excellent salaries.  In addition to a healthy wage packet, many Hogwans offer subsidised or - commonly - free accommodation, meaning you can really stash away the dollars whilst you are there (as long as you don't have an extravagant lifestyle!).