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Free Foreign Language Voice Chat


(We offer affordable voice chat room rentals starting at only $20 per month for a five seat room.  We can provide schools and government agencies Virtual Server Licenses with a capacity of over 6,000 simultaneous uses.



Please use your first name as the User Name, and leave the password field empty. A password is not required for these voice chat virtual classrooms.


The language practice rooms have a ten person capacity.  The Getting Started Room, Teacher's Lounge, and Student's Lounge have a twenty person capacity.


Please Note:  The below rooms do not have a browser url navigation bar.  Room Moderators have the option to show the browser navigation bar, use follow me mode, etc...


These free rooms are open to the public.  Any abuse of the system, using foul language in voice or text chat, etc... will not be tolerated.  Please report any abusers and they will be permanently banned from the system.  Just be nice, and have fun.


Get To Know Each Other Meetings!


Starting in February 2009

The 1st Thursday of each Month.


7:00 PM to 9 PM (or later)

(Eastern Standard Time - New York Time)

Getting Started With Voice Chat (English Only)


Volunteer Room Moderators Are Needed!


(If you don't have a headset yet, you may still listen and text chat.)


Getting Started With Voice Chat (English Only)


Teacher's Lounge (English Only) Student's Lounge (English Only)


Foreign Language Voice Chat Rooms


Arabic Language Voice Chat German Language Voice Chat Korean Language Voice Chat
Chinese Language Voice Chat Hebrew Language Voice Chat Portuguese Language Voice Chat
Dutch Language Voice Chat Italian Language Voice Chat Russian Language Voice Chat
French Language Voice Chat Japanese Language Voice Chat Spanish Language Voice Chat




First Time User Overview


To participate in webinars you must download and install a small program. This is only required the first time you use the technology.


The software offers two-way voice conversations using VoIP technology, text chatting and live online presentations. It is recommended you install the small program as soon as possible before the Webinar starts. It will take approximately 6 to 10 minutes to complete this step if you have a dial-up connection and only seconds if you have a high speed connection.


Installation Instructions

1. Click the Install Software button below to download and install the small program.

2. If using Internet Explorer - Click “Run” when prompted - not “Save” - to start the download. Click “Run” when prompted with the Unknown Publisher security warning.

3. If using FireFox - Click “Save File” and when the download has completed click on the file “WebConferencePlugin.exe” to install.




If you are prompted by your virus detection software choose the option to “Always Allow” or similar intent.

4. When prompted click “Finish”. The program is now installed and you can enter the webinar.

5. Click the browser BACK button to continue.


install software



Audio Hardware Considerations


Make sure your audio configuration has been set and working with other Windows applications. Also make sure you have selected the “Use only default devices” option in the Windows Audio Scheme Editor - Audio tab of the Sound and Audio Device Properties dialog, Control Panel application.


If you follow the above instructions you should not have any problems with the audio. Make sure you turn up the volume. When you want to speak, press and hold the Ctrl key and wait for the talk bubble to appear beside your name. When you are finished speaking release the Ctrl key.


If you do have any problems with the audio, it will likely be with the microphone and others will not be able to here you speak. If that is the case, don’t panic. You can still participate. Use the text chat to post any questions and comments you might have and the webinar leader will answer audibly or via the text chat.

Possible Issues


Following the above instructions should ensure you will not have any difficulty installing the software.


A Page not found (error code 404) when you try to login usually indicates the software has not been installed correctly. Follow the installation instruction above making sure to download and install the software.

A message saying a "file cannot be copied" indicates you are attempted to re-install the software when the webinar application, or part of it, is still running. Terminate the application and press Retry. If the problem persists reboot your computer and follow the steps above.


A message saying you might have a firewall issue or if the popup saying "connecting" never disappears usually indicates you did not use the option to "Always Allow" when prompted by the firewall software. You will have to look inside the firewall settings and remove and/or change that item.

Why is this download required?

Many of you reading this article use Microsoft Office on your computer. To do that you would have previously used CDs to install the Microsoft software on your computer. Others read files formatted in Acrobat format (PDF Files) or listen to music or watch videos. The list goes on. To read PDF files you would have downloaded from the Internet Acrobat Reader and installed that software or program. To listen to music or watch videos you would have downloaded iTunes (or an equivalent product) and installed that software or program.


Programs must be installed on your computer for you to use your computer. Those programs could be delivered on CDs but today the vast majority are available via a download of the program installation file from the internet.

This webconferencing technology does require the installation of a small program. It is this software that facilitates your participation in very functional live online webinars. To install, the software installation file is downloaded from the internet and the program is safely installed using very straight forward and simple installation process


What is tcConference?

tcConference is an effective online tool used to conduct audio/visual meetings between two or more people without leaving the convenience of your office or home.

Who uses tcConference?

tcConference users cover a large spectrum of the business and organizational world. Several examples are:
· Higher education
· Governmental agencies
· Churches
· Libraries
· Governing boards
· Network marketing groups
· Large and small businesses

Why do organizations use tcConference?

· Saves time - alleviates the need for travel across town or between cities
· Saves money - No costly travel expenses or long distance charges
· Effective communications tool - meeting members can see the presentation and it allows for two way communication, both voice and text.
· Available to large and small organizations
· Easy to learn
· Reliable
· Available any hour of the day and night
· Cuts across time zones
· Presentations can be recorded and played back later so no one has to miss the information in the meeting.
· Is compatible with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
· Can be used worldwide.

What is required to start conducting tcConference sessions?

· High speed Internet connection preferable, although not essential
· PC Computer using Windows Operating System
· Windows Explorer
· A PC microphone with headset or speakers
· A small installed plug-in prior to first time use